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You Complete Me <3

10 October 1987
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You know, I hate writing these little biography things because I can NEVER think about what it is I want to say about myself that doesnt consist of "my name is.." -sigh- I do infact feel you all should at least know my name and of course it's Jessica, nice to meet you! hehe. I'm 21 years old it kinda pains me to say that because i've always considered myself young at heart although, i know i'm not old either but.. I'm not getting any younger eh? so yeah, I wish I could be a vampire [haha] and stay at 21 forever -one can wish- .

Moving on, I'm a mother. I have the most smartest, most BEAUTIFUL babygirl in the world who entered into my life on September 24th 2007. She's been my life ever since. She's the reason I live the reason i strive to be the best person i can be. She's my heart, my soul. I love that brat. <3

I'm taken by a wonderful man named Edwing, I'm a month older than him! hehe, I've always had athing for younger guys. He's seriously my other half, I love how comfortable I am when I'm with him and after 2 years i still get butterflies in my stomach when I look into his eyes. -sigh- Love is so grand isnt it? :)

I'm a student at Miami Dade College, my college career hasnt been easy and I'm sad to say I'm not even half way done with it but I'm striving and moving forward and trying to complete these two tough years so I can move on to bigger things. Life always throws curve balls and I'm trying to dodge 'em as quick as I can, I'm just a slow poke haha.

I'm a full time worker at a construction company, weird huh? I love my job though. It gets hectic and really frustrating at times but at the end of the day it's helping me pay my bills and move forward with my goals inlife. I really do like my co-workers and my boss. so that's a plus also lol.

Well, this is probably the longest biography I've ever done, So hopefully someone reads it. If you want to know more about my crazy life just add me!

Oh yeah before i go, I forgot to mention I LOVE MY FRIENDS! They make life so worthwhile! I love having fun I love trying new things and i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to read! haha.


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